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Hardship Grant

We Care Online is serious about helping people.

If you have been affected by the economy, sickness, or family issues and would like to further or better your education, let us know. We will consider giving a full or partial course fee grant for you to take the following courses. (Text books will not be granted.)

As much as we'd love to grant everyone their choice of courses, we must regulate how many we give out per month. As such, please;

  1. apply only once every six months.
  2. If you are granted a course, you may not apply for another course for one year after you take the granted course.

You may apply for the following courses:

  • Medical Terminology I
  • Medical Terminology II
  • Microsoft Word for Medical Professionals
  • Health Unit Coordinator
  • Restorative Aide
  • Activity Director
  • Social Service Designee
  • You could be reimbursed for your Nurse Aide/Assistant course - Click here