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Restorative Aide

Course Description:

This course is designed to train Certified Nursesí Aides (CNAs) in the efficient restorative care of residents in nursing homes. This course is presented with the goal of improving the quality of resident care by providing information, and training. It is not intended to replace a registered or licensed professional who has additional training beyond the outcomes identified for this course.

Restorative Aides can expect to earn at least $30,000 a year, depending on the area and demand.


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More information about the Restorative Aide:

What is a Restorative Aide?

Job Description as a CNA Restorative Aide

Restorative Aide - A New Career path for CNA's

Book required:

No Text is Required for this Course


Course Information:

Refund and Other Policies

Hours: 32

Prerequisite:  CNA

Price:  $161.00

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